Lots of people believe that designer babies are a great idea and we should invent more technoligies to open up more possibilties, others completely disagree and think we should stop it before it gets too out of hand. Let us know what you think by pressing the add comment button below... :)
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I think you are quite right. I personally think that there should not be designer babies. There are still a lot of unknown consequences about in vitro fertilization. Not only that, choosing your child's eye color, hair color, or gender? It is not natural. It's against mother Nature. People should just stay the way that they are and forget about designer babies.

10/22/2015 10:17:40 am

I believe that designers babies are a good thing, but only in certain circumstances. They can be designed to help treat another dying relative, or even eventually cure diseases.

A Random Student
3/28/2016 02:25:42 pm

Well, they do have their pros and cons. Pros include a possibly healthier baby and a freedom to make a baby of your choice, without horrible illnesses and diseases. The cons are just the fact that your baby won't have much individualism, and the fact that it just doesn't feel all that right making a baby with everything you'd like. The baby doesn't have a say in it either, its all the parent's choice.

4/22/2016 06:22:02 am

seems like a good idea. At least you know that your child wont have bad illnesses and diseases. I bet they cost a lot

6/21/2016 03:39:33 am

In pregnancy, women generally enjoy shopping . If you go shopping immediately looking forward to motherhood can be very enjoyable

10/13/2016 04:19:42 pm

Scientists shouldn't be playing God. The consequences of genetic engineering will be huge we aren't sure of the risks involved and how it will have a germline modification effect.

10/13/2016 04:23:26 pm

Kally, you are absolutely right. Scientists have no role in society to be playing God. They are interfering with God's creation and should definitely stop before they forever affect the human gene pool.

11/20/2016 01:25:02 pm

I Think That The Designer babies a bad idea because people are just sad if they use them because then life will be boring if everyone got one don't you want a normal child with a normal child? Not being funny right but that's just messed up if you get one your kinda racist you want your child the way you want not a normal child life

11/29/2016 07:21:11 am

I think designer babies are a good idea for some circumstances like if a mother can't do natural birth because of an illness or a disfunction that the woman has but other than that it's very unnatural and there can be mistakes made with in vitro fertilization.

4/18/2017 06:12:07 pm

I think designing a baby is a bad idea. It is inhumane and the child gets no say in whether they want blue eyes or physically changed (hair color ect). Although it can get rid of diseases we are still not sure if it will affect the family tree down the line. Will they still be able to have kids? Will the baby that was designed kids have effects?

11/28/2018 03:52:54 am

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4/5/2019 12:29:13 am

I do not like the idea of having designer Babies, just some circumstances. If you are homosexuall for example. They can not do Babies "naturally". That and diseases, if it runs a bad disease in the family. But only of those. Otherwise, do it natural please, then it is much funnier as well, you do not know how it will look like :)


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